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Chicago Falcons Series

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July 13, 2023

My secret crush on Gavin has always been just that… a secret.
It was silly anyway. After all, I was engaged to his teammate.
Right up until I caught my fiancé cheating on me. On. Our. Wedding. Day.
So, I did what anyone would do. I retreated to my bakery and vowed to avoid NHL players for the rest ofmy life. After all, the entire hockey community had watched it implode thanks to a viral video from thechurch.
What I couldn’t predict was Gavin, and learning he has a secret crush of his own.
Competitive Gavin who was unstoppable on the ice.Sweet Gavin who brought me soup when I was sick.Sexy Gavin who kissed my breath away.
If I’m not careful, my innocent crush could just become the icing on the cupcake.


April 18, 2024

What could be worse than getting into an argument with a neighbor you’ve never met over a parking place you never use?Finding out he’s the arrogant, sexy as sin, professional hockey player you love to watch fight.I was holding on by one very frayed thread. Between my evil boss, unreliable baby daddy, impending move to the big city, and life in general, I was one minor inconvenience away from an explosion.Boom.Enter Asher Tremblay. As an NHL superstar, he’s impressive in both skill and appearance. However, he severely lacks in basic human decency. When I arrive at my condo to find he’s given my parking place to his teammate, I make it very clear how I feel about it.I try to maintain my anger, but it’s tough when he turns his signature smile on me. Almost impossible when he does that stretch. I’m a goner when he shows up at my door the next morning. To apologize.The man Is infuriating. Adorable. A puppy in wolves’ clothes. Sweet as can be and battling demons I understand.When we collide, sparks fly. Hot, heavy, and fast. But when we face a shared heartbreak that threatens our happily ever after, it will take a miracle to turn our story around before our romance turns into a tragedy.



Late 2024

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